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Five last publications

A hybrid analytical-numerical method for solving water flow equations in root hydraulic architectures | 2017 | Meunier F, Draye X, Vanderborght J, Javaux M, Couvreur V | Appl. Math. Model. | View paper

Measuring and Modeling Hydraulic Lift of Using Stable Water Isotopes | 2017 | Meunier F, Rothfuss Y, Bariac T, Biron P, Richard P, Durand JL, Couvreur V, Vanderborght J, Javaux M | Vadose Zone J. | View paper

Novel multiscale insights into the composite nature of water transport in roots | 2017 | Couvreur V, Faget M, Lobet G, Javaux M, Chaumont F, Draye X | biorxiv | View paper

Towards quantitative root hydraulic phenotyping: novel mathematical functions to calculate plant-scale hydraulic parameters from root system functional and structural traits | 2017 | Meunier F, Couvreur V, Draye X, Vanderborght J, Javaux M | J. Math. Biol. | View paper

Dynamic aspects of soil water availability for isohydric plants: Focus on root hydraulic resistances | 2014 | Couvreur V, Vanderborght J, Draye X, Javaux M | Water Resour. Res. | View paper

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