Root System Markup Language

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Together with researchers from INRIA, CPIB, Juelich, Vienna and Louvain, we created the Root System Markup Language (RSML) that has been designed to alleviate two major bottlenecks: (i) to enable portability of root architecture data between different software tools in an easy and interoperable manner allowing seamless collaborative work, and (ii) to provide a standard format upon which to base central repositories which will soon arise following the expanding worldwide root phenotyping effort.

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Associated papers

Root System Markup Language. Toward an unified root architecture description language | 2015 | Lobet G*, Pound MP*, Diener J*, Pradal C*, Draye X, Godin C, Javaux M, Leitner D, Meunier F, Nacry P, Pridmore TP, Schnepf A | View paper

Associated presentations

Introducing Root System Markup Language | 2015 | View on figshare

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