Plant Image Analysis database

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The Plant Image Analysis website is an online, manually curated, database referencing more than 130 plant image analysis software solutions. The website presents each software in a uniform and concise manner enabling users to identify the available solutions for their experimental needs. The website also enables user feedback, evaluations and new software submissions. The aim of such a toolbox is to help users to find solutions, and to provide developers a way to exchange and communicate about their work.

Associated papers

An online database for plant image analysis software tools | 2013 | Lobet G, Draye X and PĂ©rilleux C | View paper

Image analysis in plant sciences: Publish then Perish | 2017 | Lobet G | View paper

Associated presentations A platform referencing plant image analysis tools | 2016 | View on figshare

Plant Image Analysis tools. Current trends and limitations | 2015 | View on figshare

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