Modelling tomato inflorescence

Two recently proposed models help to comprehend the development of the tomato inflorescence, based on the fact that the arrangement of flowers reflects the spatiotemporal balance between maintenance of meristem indeterminancy and acquisition of floral meristem identity. In the model of Prusinkiewicz et al. (2007), an inflorescence is built from meristems that lose their initial « vegetativeness » to become flowers. In the model proposed by Lippman et al. (2008), the branching of the inflorescence depends on the maturation rate of the IM towards FM fate.

We combined these two concepts for modelling the tomato inflorescence and gain further insight into the dynamics of the genetic network controling meristem fate.

Associated papers

Inflorescence architecture in tomato genes functions within a zigzag model | 2014 | Périlleux C*, Lobet G* and Tocquin P | View paper

Associated presentations

Inflorescence development in tomato. Gene functions within a zigzag model. | 2014 | View on figshare

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