New pre-print: Using models to evaluate root image analysis pipelines

Guillaume Lobet | 2016-09-14 | image analysis modelling open science

Our latest pre-print is out ! For this research, we used a root model, ArchiSimple, to generate a large library of ground-truth root images (10.000). We then used this library to evaluate a root image analysis pipeline. We showed that, as it could be expected, the errors increased with the size and complexity of the root systems. The pre-print is available here: The data are available here: The codes are available here:… More...

The story behind the Root System Markup Language

If you have ever analysed root system images, you might now the unspoken truth: it requires a great deal of time and efforts! Either you work with an automated tracing software (such as EZ-Rhizo or RootSystemAnalyzer) and as soon as the root systems are getting old (more than 10 days) you'll need to spend quite some time correcting the detection; or you work with a semi-automated tool (such as SmartRoot or RootNav) and you'll have to go through every single image to trace the roots. The good… More...
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