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Guillaume Lobet | 2016-12-22 | plant image analysis json api image dataset

In the last few weeks, I made some changes and additions to the website, and I thought it might be time to present all of them.


First, the front page changed a little bit, with an easier navigation / selection of the different tools. Instead a requiring a re-loading of the page for every selection, the filtering is now done dynamically using Isotope. It is faster and more fluid than it used to be, without impacting the initial page load.


Then, I added a new section to the website, to reference plant image datasets. The idea, as for the tools, is not to host the datasets, but to have a page that redirect to the ones that are hosted on public platforms / websites. Quickly after adding the section, we've had the Plant Image Collection Week (PICWeek), in collaboration with the American Society of Plant Biology. The aim of the week was to collect as many datasets as possible, with the help of the plant science community. We've collected 18 datasets so far, for a total of more than 1,700,000 plant images. The community input was less important than I hoped for, but, at least, the PICWeek made this new section known within the community.


We have also recently implemented an API for the website. This means that all the data contained on can now be accessed in a JSON format, using custom URLs (for more info, see here).

2016 in numbers

Finally, let's finish with some numbers. By the end of 2016, the website referenced 147 plant image analysis tools, 18 plant image datasets, 1,700,000+ plant images, and has 698 Twitter followers. In 2016 alone, we've had 27,770 unique visitors on the website, totalising 120,850 page views.

So a pretty good year if you ask me :).

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